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Centre for Modern and Contemporary History

An introduction to the Centre for Modern and Contemporary History at the University of Birmingham.

Centre for Modernist Cultures

Introduction to the University of Birmingham's Centre for Modernist Cultures.

Centre for Obesity Research

Obesity research has been a growing research interest at the University of Birmingham over the past several years. Recently, research groups across the University have come together to co-ordinate their work with the aim of understanding the metabolic processes that contribute to obesity and metabolic disease as well as implementing novel treatment and prevention strategies.

Centre for Ornithology

We employ birds as model species in the investigation of general principles and mechanisms that are central to understanding key questions in biology and the environment.Members of the Centre are based in the School of Biosciences and the School of Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences. Honorary members are based world-wide.

Centre for Patient Reported Outcome Research (CPROR)

Information page for the Centre for Patient Reported Outcome Research (CPROR), at the University of Birmingham.

Centre for Systems Biology

The Centre for Systems Biology illustrates the University of Birmingham's commitment to promoting cutting edge research at the interface between the biological and mathematical sciences. Its activities will accelerate the pace of discovery in both Medical and Environmental arenas and help make the University a major centre of activity in this new form of science

Centre for War Studies

Introduction to War Studies at the University of Birmingham, including the study of the First and Second World Wars and Air Power

Centre of Precision Rehabilitation for Spinal Pain

CPR Spine utilises cutting edge technology and multidisciplinary expertise to collectively advance the assessment of patients with spinal pain through the development of new assessment tools, and by establishing valid and reliable clinical testing protocols and evidence informed decision making frameworks, to inform safe and efficacious interventions.
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