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Chromosomal replication

Group page for Chromosomal replication research at the University of Birmingham, led by Dr Aga gambus.

Chronic Disease Research into Diabetes Study

Index page for the Chronic Disease Research into Diabetes Study which takes place at the Univesity of Birmingham. Information for participants and contact information.

ChRS - Centre for Human Reproductive Science

The Centre for Human Reproductive Science (ChRS) is a Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) licenced centre, established in December 2006 to further develop research and innovation in fertility diagnosis and treatment.

Civil Engineering research

Civil Engineering research at Birmingham: We tackle the problems faced by society today: we aim to develop the knowledge and tools to build the communities of the future. Many of our projects have already had a significant impact on society; the impact of others will be felt by generations to come.

Civil Engineering Research - Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering at Birmingham covers key topics of water engineering: its purification and how we manage the natural water cycle to serve our needs; through geotechnical engineering; to urban living: managing and designing effective cities which will serve us in the future.

Civil Engineering Research - Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics research builds on a fundamental understanding of the motion of fluids in order to address a variety of real world problems. In this context, "fluids" range from water and air, through to slurries, waves and weather, and this allows us to study diverse topics such as wind-induced forces on buildings, vehicle aerodynamics, non-Newtonian fluids in water treatment works, and the behaviour of waves on a beach.

Civil Engineering Research - Highways and Transportation

Civil Engineering Research – Highways and Transportation. From materials, road usage and highway design through to sustainable transport (walking, cycling), railway engineering, energy efficiency and risk management, this research theme is broad and encompasses most transport systems.

Civil Engineering Research - Structural Engineering

Civil Engineering Research – Structural Engineering is vital to an efficient and effective development built environment. As urban development and global urbanisation take place, the Structural Engineering group has focussed its efforts on structural integrity and serviceability, sustainable design, disaster resilience, structural robustness and innovative structural materials.

Clinical and Integrated Cardiovascular Sciences (CICS)

Cardiovascular Sciences in Birmingham brings together researchers in the School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine with groups in the School of Health and Population Sciences, and in the College of Life Sciences, linked strategically through the Centre for Cardiovascular Sciences. Cellular, molecular and physiological investigations inform translational research on atrial fibrillation, heart failure, thrombosis, inflammatory vascular disease and responses to ischaemia and hypoxia.

Clinical and strategic commissioning research

Clinical and strategic commissioning research group, health services management centre, school of social policy, university of birmingham
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