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Clinical collaboration

Information on clinical collaoboration at the University of Birmingham.

Clinical psychology research - School of Psychology

We work across a range of organisations, and our diverse research interests are often connected to applied and professional concerns. We work with a range of difficulties and situations, across the lifespan, and in a range of settings – and our research interests reflect this.

Clinical research compliance

Page which outlines the basics of the University's clinical research, clinical trials and governance.

Clinical Research Network: West Midlands

Clinical Research Network: West Midlands is located within the Primary Care Clinical Research and Trials Unit (PC-CRTU). The Network provides a world class research infrastructure embedded within the University of Birmingham to support high quality clinical research studies within NHS primary care.

Clinical Respiratory Science

The Clinical Respiratory Research Group investigates mechanisms of disease using state of the art technologies in the field of respiratory disease.

Cognitive development research - School of Psychology

We are interested in how thinking and reasoning abilities develop, and we run experimental studies with young children. Current projects include children's theory of mind from 3-7 years; children's understanding of the representational nature of words and pictures; the developmental relationship between reasoning and executive functions; children's understanding of possibility and uncertainty, including handling ambiguity and counterfactual thinking. Members of the research team also have interests in adult cognition and neuropsychology.

Cognitive neuroimaging research - School of Psychology

The Cognitive Neuroimaging group uses multimodal neuroimaging techniques (structural and functional MRI, EEG, MEG) to analyse the neural architecture (cortical areas and their connectivity) mediating visual cognition in complex environments.

Cold Atoms - Physics and Astronomy research

The Ultra Cold Atoms Research Group was set up during 2008 as a new group within the School of Physics and Astronomy. The group is part of the Midlands Ultra Cold Atoms Research Centre (MUARC) together with the University of Nottingham.

Combined engineering computation - Civil Engineering research

This research theme has been established to bring together and create a common focus for those members of staff of Civil Engineering with an expertise or interest in computational work. The theme is broad, embracing all major aspects of the computational interests of the staff, whether these interests lie within our main area of Civil Engineering or in engineering more generally (with aspects of, for instance, aeronautical, mechanical, marine, chemical and materials engineering) or in topics such as artificial intelligence, neural networks, knowledge-based systems, etc.
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