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Contact the ASTRAL team

ASTRAL is a multicentre, randomized, unblinded clinical trial, comparing revascularisation in addition to medical therapy versus medical therapy alone in patients with atherosclerotic renovascular disease (ARVD). The aim of ASTRAL is to assess whether renal arterial revascularisation with balloon angioplasty and/or endovascular stenting can safely prevent progressive renal failure among patients with ARVD. ASTRAL closed to recruitment in October 2007 having recruited 806 patients, and is now in long term follow up until 2017. The trial is managed by the BCTU at the University of Birmingham.

Contact the Ecustec team

ECUSTEC is a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial run by University of Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit.

Contact the eGFR-C team

eGFR-C is a national multicentre prospective longitudinal study investigating the accuracy of different methods of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) estimation run by University of Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit.

Contact the GEM3 team

GEM3 is a double blind placebo controlled trial of a combination of methotrexate and gefitinib versus methotrexate alone as a treatment for ectopic pregnancy.

Contact the HOLDS team

HOLDS is a multicentre, randomised, double blind controlled trial of 1500 nulliparous women with confirmed delay in labour and ruptured membranes. It is run by the Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit (BCTU)

Contact the Housing and Communities Research Group

Contact numbers and emails for the Housing and Communities Research Group, School of Social Policy.

Contact the PD GEN team

PD GEN is a DNA databank for patients with Parkinson's, from the large randomised controlled trials PD MED, PD SURG, PD REHAB & PD COMM.

Contact the PD MED team

PD MED is a large randomised clinical trial investigating the clinical and cost effectiveness of the different classes of drugs in the treatment of patients with Parkinson's disease.
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