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Families, Policy and Practice Research Group

School of Social Policy. Institute of Applied Social Studies. Families, communities and justice research group.

FCF data

A list of FCF data.

FEMME trial

FEMME is an NIHR funded clinical trial which is designed to measure the changes in the quality of life women experience when their fibroids are treated by either myomectomy or uterine artery embolisation.

Finite element modelling - Civil Engineering research

Finite Element Modelling - wave-induced liquefaction of the seabed, seismic response of reinforced concrete structures, bamboo fibre-reinforced concrete, two-phase flow in oil reservoirs; non-linear constitutive models of soils for gas pipelines or piles and concrete materials for deterioration modelling.

Fistula-In-Ano trial (FIAT)

Fistula-In-Ano trial (FIAT) - Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit

Flow Database

The homepage of the Flow Database.

Food Security Education at the University of Birmingham

We take pride in our research-led teaching with emphasis on cutting-edge technologies and current global issues including Food Security. We integrate modern plant science teaching and learning into our curriculum across undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Our plant science teaching consistently receives excellent student feedback. Within the School of Biosciences we also have a very strong Genetic and Microbiology research base, which underpins our teaching in this area.

Food Security research at the University of Birmingham

Our mission is to play a leading role in mitigating the global food security crisis through the conservation of agriculturally significant species and use of a diverse range of modern molecular genetics and genomics approaches.

Food, Health and Nutrition - Formulation Engineering Research - School of Chemical Engineering

The design of food processes and microstructures is a major research activity in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Birmingham.
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