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Behavioural Medicine

The group page for the Behavioral Medicine group, led by Dr Amanda Daley, at the University of Birmingham.


Introduction to the research and study of B-Film at the University of Birmingham.


The dynamic response of forests to environmental change, including climate change, is only partially understood. To increase understanding, we are building a Free-Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment (FACE) experiment, set in mature, unmanaged, temperate woodland.


Index page for the BILCAP trial at the University of Birmingham

Bioengineering - Formulation Engineering Research

Our Biochemical Engineering research is working on a number of fronts with the aim of exploiting biological molecules, cells, and tissues to develop a range of high-value products.

Biological hydrogen production - University of Birmingham

Biological hydrogen production at the University of Birmingham. Hydrogen is seen by many as the fuel of the future because it has a very high energy density, three times that of petrol or diesel, and because its use produces only water instead of greenhouse gases and other exhaust pollutants.

Bio-medical and micro engineering - Mechanical Engineering research

Advances in medicine (e.g. "key-hole" surgery) require ever smaller devices. The merger of two important applications of engineering into a single Bio-medical and Micro Engineering Research Centre enables Birmingham to make a major contribution to this trend.

Bio-medical Engineering - Mechanical Engineering research

The Bio-Medical Engineering Research Group is part of the Bio-medical and Micro Engineering Research Centre. The group aims to understand the physical properties of natural and synthetic materials and to use this understanding to design and develop medical devices.
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