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Haemostasis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology Unit (HTVBU)

Information on the Haemostasis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology Unit (HTVBU) Group, led by Professor Greg Lip, at the University of Birmingham.

Health and Population Sciences research

The research domain of Health & Population Sciences (HaPS) encompasses expertise in the fields of primary care, public health and epidemiology, clinical trials, health technology assessments, health economics, occupational and environmental medicine, biostatistics, health services research, health care development, nursing and physiotherapy. Our research involves cross-disciplinary collaborations within the university and beyond, utilising some of the brightest minds and latest scientific technology in our quest to push back the boundaries of research in this field.

Health and Social Wellbeing Research Group

Health and social wellbeing research group. Institute of Applied Social Studies. School of Social Policy.

Health Economics Unit

The Health Economics Unit seeks to provide an internationally competitive contribution to health economics research through a coherent balance of methodological and applied research, informing policy and resource allocation locally, nationally and internationally.

Health Psychology Research Group - School of Psychology

Research on Health Psychology in the School of Psychology is concerned with understanding people's emotions, cognitions and behaviours in maintaining health, adapting to ill-health and coping with or managing long-term conditions.

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) & Economic Modelling

The group page for the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and Economic Modelling group, led by Pelham Barton and David Moore, at the University of Birmingham

Healthcare Professionals

All studies comply with the NHS Research Governance Framework, are ethically approved and scientifically valid. To find out more on the current studies available in your area please visit the studies page.

Healthcare Technologies research

At the University of Birmingham, we are striving to develop new sensor technologies, treatments that encourage better tissue healing and rehabilitation tools.
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