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Heath care workers' attitudes to working during pandemic influenza

'Healthcare worker's attitudes towards working during pandemic influenza' is a project designed to explore those factors that might incline/ disincline healthcare workers to work during an outbreak of pandemic influenza. It is anticipated that the results of this project will help UK contingency planning, at both a national and local level, should a flu pandemic occur. Pandemic influenza is one of the most urgent global public health threats. World Health Organization (WHO) models anticipate that pandemic influenza will start out as an avian influenza virus that mutates into a form transmissible between human beings. Once established among people in this form anywhere in the world, its spread to the rest of the globe will be speedy, even if current monitoring arrangements provide some early warning.

Hepatitis C and Related Viruses

Information page for the Hepatitis C and Related Viruses group, led by Prof Jane McKeating, and Dr Peter Balfe, at the University of Birmingham.

High Temperature Oxidation Group

The long-term viability of machine components operating at high temperatures in an oxidising environment often relies on the integrity of a thin, protective layer of oxide, typically chromia, alumina or silica. Understanding the mechanisms of the formation of such a protective layer and the processes which affect its mechanical integrity, particularly during temperature changes, are major challenges to this research group as well as to the larger oxidation community.

High Temperature Research Centre (HTRC)

The HTRC is a joint collaboration between the University of Birmingham and Rolls-Royce to enable production-scale research and experimentation.


HOLDS is a multicentre, randomised, double blind controlled trial of 1500 nulliparous women with confirmed delay in labour and ruptured membranes. It is run by the Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit (BCTU)

Hormones, Metabolism & Reproduction

Endocrine research at the University of Birmingham addresses the role of hormones in obesity, diabetes, cancer, infertility and many other conditions to find new diagnostic tools and treatments that will make a difference, focused within the Centre for Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism (CEDAM). There are also a plethora of research areas around reproduction and women's health from the laboratory to clinical trials, a wider collaborative effort formalised through the Centre for Women & Children's Health.

Housing and Communities Research Group

Housing and Communities Research Group is led by Professor David Mullins and is part of the School of Social Policy at the University of Birmingham.
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