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High Temperature Oxidation Group

The long-term viability of machine components operating at high temperatures in an oxidising environment often relies on the integrity of a thin, protective layer of oxide, typically chromia, alumina or silica. Understanding the mechanisms of the formation of such a protective layer and the processes which affect its mechanical integrity, particularly during temperature changes, are major challenges to this research group as well as to the larger oxidation community.

Hormones, Metabolism & Reproduction

Endocrine research at the University of Birmingham addresses the role of hormones in obesity, diabetes, cancer, infertility and many other conditions to find new diagnostic tools and treatments that will make a difference, focused within the Centre for Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism (CEDAM). There are also a plethora of research areas around reproduction and women's health from the laboratory to clinical trials, a wider collaborative effort formalised through the Centre for Women & Children's Health.

How to participate

Information for professionals for patient recruitment for the plateletgap project at University of Birmingham.

Human Geography Research Group

The Society, Economy and Environment Research Group at the University of Birmingham conducts theoretically and empirically informed scholarship aimed at understanding how social practices and relations are conditioned by space and place.
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