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Housing and communities research network

The housing and communities research network provides a unique opportunity for professionals and policy makers in the housing and communities sector to discuss research based presentations around homelessness, housing supply, financial inclusion, anti-social behaviour, the Big Society and the role of third sector in service delivery.

How to participate

Information for professionals for patient recruitment for the plateletgap project at University of Birmingham.

Human Geography Research Group

The Society, Economy and Environment Research Group at the University of Birmingham conducts theoretically and empirically informed scholarship aimed at understanding how social practices and relations are conditioned by space and place.

Human Papillomavirus Molecular Pathogenesis

Research page for the Human Papillomavirus molecular pathogenesis research group, led by Sally Roberts, at the University of Birmingham.

Hydrogen Materials Group

The Hydrogen Materials Group (HMG) is part of the School of Metallurgy and Materials. The group was formed in early 2005, when the Applied Alloy Chemistry Group split into the HMG and the Magnets Group. Major research areas:Development of novel materials for solid-state hydrogen storageFabrication of dense-metal membranes for hydrogen purificationUse of hydrogen in the microstructural processing of materialsH2 energy demonstration projects (e.g. PROTIUM Hydrogen Canal Boat)
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