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Magnetic Materials Group

The Magnetic Materials Group

Mass Manufactured, Low Cost and Robust SOFC stacks

Lightweight SOFC stacks are currently being developed for stationary applications such as residential CHP units, for automotive applications such as APU and for portable devices. They supply electrical efficiencies of up to 60% with high fuel flexibility being able to operate on syn-gas from Diesel reforming as well as LPG, methane or hydrogen at promising costs due to greatly reduced amounts of steel interconnect material.

MATCH: Measurement and Modelling of Exposure to Air Toxic Concentrations for Health Effect Studies

Homepage for the MATCH project: Measurement and Modelling of Exposure to Air Toxic Concentrations for Health Effect Studies

Material Systems for Extreme Environments (XMat)

This 5 year, £4.2M research project is funded by the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council). It started on the 1st February 2013 and is led by Professor Jon Binner from Loughborough University's Materials department (now moved to University of Birmingham). Our project partners are Professors Bill Lee and Mike Finnis from Imperial College London's Materials department and Professor Mike Reece from the School of Engineering and Materials Science at Queen Mary University of London.

Maternal and Infant Health

The group page for Maternal and Infant Health group, led by Professor Christine MacArthur, at the University of Birmingham.

Matter and environment - Collaborative Research Network in Imaging and Visualisation

New applications and new technologies developed at Birmingham to study matter and the environment, on scales ranging from microns to light years.

Medawar Centre for Healthy Ageing Research

We are an ageing population, with current demographic trends indicating that 1 in 5 adults in the UK will be aged over 65 by the year 2020. Whilst this is a cause for celebration, there is also evidence that healthspan (the time spent in good health) is not keeping pace with the increases in average lifespan, with significant consequences for quality of life in old age and for health and social services provision.

Medical and Dental Sciences: Research Support

Index page for the College of Medical and Debtal Sciences Research Support Team at the University of Birmingham.
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