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Modern British Studies

An introduction to the Centre for Modern and Contemporary History at the University of Birmingham.

Molecular Haematopoiesis and Epigenetics

The experimental haematology page describes the research of Professor Constanze Bonifer into gene regulation in the hematopoietic system, University of Birmingham.

Molecular Physics - Physics and Astronomy research

Welcome to the web pages of the Molecular Physics Group. Our research is directed towards the study of the reactions of electrons and ions with neutral molecules at low energies. As well as its fundamental aspects, the research has important applications to the physics and chemistry of naturally occurring plasmas (e.g. the terrestrial atmosphere), industrial plasmas (e.g. surface etchant plasmas), and pollutant monitoring.

Molecules, Cells, Signalling and Health - Research - School of Biosciences

One of the six research themes in our School of Biosciences, the Molecules, Cells, Signalling and Health Theme focuses our research on understanding the molecular mechanisms which underlie cellular processes within a variety of physiological contexts in a range of eukaryotic organisms.

Monogenic Diabetes Syndromes and Childhood Diabetes Translational Research Group

Information on the Monogenic Diabetes Syndromes and Childhood Diabetes Translational Research Group, led by Professor Tim Barrett, School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, College of Medical and Dental Sciences

Mood Disorders Research Group

Research page for the mood disorders research group lead by Dr Lisa Jones, at the University of Birmingham.

Motor Control

Homepage for the Motor Control research grouping within the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham

MRC Centre for Immune Regulation

The Birmingham MRC Centre for Immune Regulation provides a coherent focus for immunology research supported by state of the art technologies. The Centre reflects the international profile of both basic and clinical immunology within the University of Birmingham.

MRC Hub for Trials Methodology

The MRC Midland Hub for Trials Methodology Research (MHTMR) based at the University of Birmingham is one of a national network of seven hubs funded as an exciting new initiative by the Medical Research Council. The Hub's five year programme was initiated in June 2009 with Lucinda Billingham, Professor of Biostatistics in Cancer Sciences, as the Director. As a centre of excellence for trials methodology research, we provide local and national researchers undertaking trials with innovative methodology for design, conduct and analysis, thereby improving quality of trials and ultimately patient care. Methodological expertise includes quality of life evaluation for clinical and health economic assessment, discovery and evaluation of diagnostic, prognostic and predictive biomarkers, Bayesian methods for the design and analysis of trials and systematic reviews for clinical and health economic evaluation. Specialist clinical areas include cancer, haematology, chronic neurodegenerative disease, cardiovascular, primary care clinical sciences, maternity, women's health, medical devices and operations, experimental medicine and early phase clinical trials, paediatric medicine and hepatology. The programme of research is driven by the expertise of the researchers and the needs of the trials community and will benefit practitioners on a national level through dissemination, training and advice.

MRG Conzen Collection - School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Having begun his studies at the University of Berlin in the 1920s, MRG Conzen (1907-2000) came to England as an emigre in 1933 and began a career that created the Anglo-German school of urban morphology.
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