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Nanoengineering and Surface Chemistry

The nanoengineering and surface chemistry group combine and apply tools and concepts from nanochemistry, supramolecular chemistry, biochemistry and micro- and nanolithography to create sophisticated model substrates for studies of cell behavior and bio- and nanomaterials with applications in medical imaging and catalysis.

Nanophotonics research group webpages

HB-Nanophotonics research in the School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Birmingham

National Lung Matrix Trial

The National Lung Matrix Trial is the largest precision medicine trial in non-small cell lung cancer globally, testing a wide-range of therapies tailored specifically to target key genetic changes in cancer cells.


Index page for the NEO-EXCEL trial at the Universiry of Birmingham.

Network for Oratory and Politics

Network for Oratory and Politics website at the University of Birmingham, UK

NeuroDevelopment Group

NeuroDevelopment Group, led by Dr Alicia Hidalgo, Neuroscience and Ophthalmology

Neuroendocrine Immune Networks in Ageing (NINA)

Neuroendocrine Immune Networks in Ageing (NINA). A research project in the School of Immunity and Infection, NINA will study how age-related changes to the Immune, Endocrine and Central Nervous Systems converge to give ill health in old age.

Neuronal Networks Research Group

Information on the Neuronal Networks Research Group led by Professor Attila Sik, at the University of Birmingham.
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