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ROCkeTS is diagnostic test accuracy study looking to improve the detection of ovarian cancer.

Particle and Multiphase Processing - Formulation Engineering Research - School of Chemical Engineering

The momepage of the Flow and Mixing Research - Multiphase Flow Research Group

Particle and Nuclear Physics research - School of Physics and Astronomy

The research websites for Particle and Nuclear Physics at the School of Physics and Astronomy.

PARTNERS2: collaborative care for people with severe mental illness

PARTNERS2 aims to enable Primary Care (PC) and community based mental health services to work more closely together and to develop a model of care to allow selected individuals with severe mental illness to be managed in primary care with secondary care support. It has the potential for large impact on the care of people with severe mental illness.

Partnership Management and International Engagement

A short description of the Project management responsibilities of the Research and Knowledge Transfer Office at the College of Medical and Dental Sciences, University of Birmingham.

Partnerships, collaboration and integration research

Partnerships, collaboration and integration research group, Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham, UK.
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