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Psychobiology research

The Psychobiology group comprises staff interested in motivated behaviours (eating, drinking, drug-taking, pain) and learning & memory.

Psychological resilience - School of Psychology

Our work is concerned with cognitive, affective and social processes that influence behaviour and support adaptation to adversity, stress or change.

Public Health & Clinical Epidemiology

In this research area, there is a strong focus on epidemiological oral health surveys of UK and international patient populations. This has helped identify disease trends and healthcare needs and thus strongly impacts upon healthcare policy and delivery. Importantly, our novel analyses have now identified significant relationships between oral and systemic diseases, including associations between periodontal diseases and cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Pulse oximetry as a screening test for congenital heart disease in newborn babies (PulseOx)

The University of Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit

Pure Mathematics Research, School of Mathematics

The Pure Mathematics group contributes to research in various parts of algebra, model theory, combinatorics, set theory and analysis. Birmingham is recognised, nationally and internationally, as one of the leading centres in the European Union for research in group theory, including profinite groups, groups acting on trees, construction and generation of sporadic simple groups, and representations of groups.
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