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Qualitative Research Methods for Healthcare Evaluation

This research group brings together all those who use qualitative methods in their research. These methods are often derived from the social sciences and humanities (e.g. sociology, psychology, history, ethics, political science, anthropology, law, geography, development studies, linguistics, literature) and are particularly helpful in illuminating the social, psychological, cultural and political aspects of public health and medicine. Qualitative methods are appropriate where research questions can not be answered numerically, perhaps because you want to ask an open, exploratory question rather than test a hypothesis. Complex systems, context or processes in public health and health care, as well as experiences and beliefs can be captured and explained using qualitative approaches. Traditional qualitative research methods include interviewing, participant-observation, focus groups and textual analysis. However, increasingly researchers are making use of novel methods such as art-based approaches, photo-elicitation and film to both collect data and disseminate findings.

Quality and innovation in service provision research

Quality and innovation in service provision research group. Health Services Management Centre (HSMC), University of Birmingham.

Quantum Matter and Nanoscale Science - School of Physics and Astronomy

Links to the websites of the research groups on the theme of Quantum Matter and Nanoscale Science at the School of Physics and Astronomy.
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