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Details on the research carried out by the Davies group (University of Birmingham, School of Chemistry)

Research vacancies - Civil Engineering research

A link to a PDF document providing an insight into the kind of projects undertaken at the University of Birmingham.

Research videos - Department of American and Canadian Studies

An index of research videos with American and Canadian Studies staff.

Researching Multilingualism, Multilingualism in Research Practice

This project (2010-2013), funded by the ESRC under its Researcher Development Initiative, aimed to provide for researchers at different points in their career, advanced training and development activities which are related to the study of multilingualism and to multilingualism in research practice.

Resilience and Sustainability - Civil Engineering research - Floods

An introduction to hydraulic engineering research.

Resilience and Sustainability - Civil Engineering research - Wind Engineering

Wind engineering is becoming increasingly important because of more extreme weather events. By building what is believed to be the UK's leading research team in this subject, the aim of this research theme is to address the complex challenges posed to engineers.

Resilience to Disturbance - Water Sciences research

Resilience to Disturbance - research area within the Water Sciences research theme in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Birmingham.

Respiratory Health

This multidisciplinary research group focuses on COPD, within a broader setting of respiratory epidemiology. Our research integrates the epidemiology of COPD, its management in primary care and translational research. The aim is to advance understanding of COPD and improve care and outcomes through linked studies and systematic reviews. There is also work on occupational asthma and smoking.
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