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Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics - research theme - School of Biosciences

Biological systems are of a fascinating complexity, yet are subject to the same fundamental laws of nature as any physical object in the world we live.Studying cells, organisms, and ecosystems at a molecular level helps us to elucidate fundamental principles that apply universally across all life forms. Structural biology and molecular biophysics investigates the geometrical shape of DNA and proteins, their physical and chemical properties, and how these features jointly control biological events. Such knowledge is essential to understand complex traits of living organisms, devising therapeutic intervention in disease and limiting or reversing the environmental impact of human activity.

Structural Biology, Biomarkers and Drug Discovery

Research page for the Structural Biology, Biomarkers and Drug Discovery group, run by Professor Michael Overduin at the University of Birmingham.


Educational opportunities in energy at the University of Birmingham.

Study European Law

How to study European Law at Birmingham Law School, the Institute of European Law, and the University of Birmingham

Study of Longterm Outcomes in Imprinting Disorders (SOLiD)

Information on the Study of Longterm Outcomes in Imprinting Disorders (SOLiD) Research Group, led by Dr Renuka Dias, School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, College of Medical and Dental Sciences

Summer School

Info on the Summer school.


Summersense is an 18 month project funded by the NERC Environmental Risks to Infrastructure call and explores whether the current blanket speed restrictions applied on the railway during periods of warm weather are appropriate.

Supercritical Fluids - Formulation Engineering Research - School of Chemical Engineering

Research in supercritical fluids encompasses the development of chemical, biochemical and bio-processes. In principle the unique properties of critical fluids have the potential to foster the development of environmentally benign and therefore sustainable processes.
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