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Here is a list of clinical research trials which are managed and hosted through PCCRTU. This deomstrates the range of expertise and collaboration which we offer to researchers.

Trust, Empathy and Dialogue

This research cluster aims to provide a forum for conversation and research on issues surrounding empathy in international cooperation and conflict and establishes a platform for current and future multidisciplinary research on trust, empathy, and dialogue. The cluster brings together research by Professor Nicholas Wheeler, the Institute's Director, and affiliated members of the Institute, Professor Lynne Cameron (Open University) and Dr Naomi Head (University of Glasgow).

Trust-building and Conflict Transformation

This research strand within the Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security focuses on how conflicts at either the interstate or intrastate levels might be transformed through strategies and practices which promote cooperation and trust. Although there is a rich multidisciplinary scholarship on the role of trust in social and political life, this work has rarely been applied to the study of conflict at the international level.
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