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Centre for the Study of Global Ethics

Introduction to the University of Birmingham's Centre for the Study of Global Ethics

Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management

Home page for CHASM, the Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management. Research centre based jointly in the School of Social Policy and Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, England, UK. Research centre focusing on financial security, pensions, wealth, housing and financial savings.

Cerebrospinal Fluid Disorders Research Group

Information on the Cerebrospinal Fluid Disorders Research Group lead by Dr Alexandra Sinclair, Section of Neurotrauma and Neurodegeneration, School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, The University of Birmingham

CFD Projects

Information about research projects in Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Chromatin and Gene Expression

The Chromatin and gene Expression Group explores the mechanisms by which epigenetic marks, especially histone modifications, regulate patterns of gene expression through differentiation and development. We have a particular interest in the ways in which environmental agents, including therapeutic drugs and dietary components, can trigger epigenetic change, and in identifying circumstances in which such changes can be heritable, through the cell cycle, from one cell generation to the next

Chromosomal replication

Group page for Chromosomal replication research at the University of Birmingham, led by Dr Aga gambus.

Chronic Disease Research into Diabetes Study

Index page for the Chronic Disease Research into Diabetes Study which takes place at the Univesity of Birmingham. Information for participants and contact information.

Civil Engineering research

Civil Engineering research at Birmingham: We tackle the problems faced by society today: we aim to develop the knowledge and tools to build the communities of the future. Many of our projects have already had a significant impact on society; the impact of others will be felt by generations to come.

Civil Engineering Research - Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering at Birmingham covers key topics of water engineering: its purification and how we manage the natural water cycle to serve our needs; through geotechnical engineering; to urban living: managing and designing effective cities which will serve us in the future.

Civil Engineering Research - Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics research builds on a fundamental understanding of the motion of fluids in order to address a variety of real world problems. In this context, "fluids" range from water and air, through to slurries, waves and weather, and this allows us to study diverse topics such as wind-induced forces on buildings, vehicle aerodynamics, non-Newtonian fluids in water treatment works, and the behaviour of waves on a beach.
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