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British Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (BCCSS)

The British Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (BCCSS) is the first national population-based study of survivors of childhood cancer to be undertaken in Britain which assesses a wide spectrum of possible adverse health outcomes of childhood cancer and its treatment. It is based on an underlying cohort of 17981 individuals who were diagnosed with childhood cancer between 1940 and 1991 in Britain and survived at least 5 years.

Brum Dine with Me

The University has a huge array of outstanding ongoing research related to food, from psychology, chemical engineering, clinical health, marketing and business, arts and social sciences, as well as passionate and motivated researchers always on the lookout for innovative new ways to discuss new ideas with the regional community. What better way than to talk to them than through their tummies?

BTOG-2 Trial

Index page for the BTOG-2 Trial at the University of Birmingham.

Business engagement and technology transfer

The University of Birmingham works with a wide variety of commercial organisations and aims to use the skills, knowledge and expertise of its community to collaborate with the commercial world and add value to businesses and industries globally.


Active areas of research in progress in relation to cancer include the following: • Screening and early diagnosis: - Cancer Screening and Early Diagnosis Group - Cancer Early Diagnosis Group - Sue Wilson - Tom Marshall • Adverse health and social outcomes after cancer treatment: - Centre for Childhood Cancer Survivor Studies - Mike Hawkins • Aetiological studies and clinical trials relating to bladder and prostate cancer: - Unit of Urologic and Genetic Epidemiology - Maurice Zeegers • Interventional studies to reduce smoking and obesity: - Paul Aveyard • Large scale cohort studies of environmental and genetic factors in the aetiology of cancer: - KK Cheng • Occupational factors in the aetiology of cancer: - Tom Sorahan

Cancer Genetics and DNA Damage

Homepage for the Cancer Genetics and DNA Damage research domain within the School of Cancer Sciences, University of Birmingham.

Cancer predisposition pathways

Research group page for Jo Morris's cancer predisposition pathways group in the School of Cancer Sciences, University of Birmingham.
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