Schizophrenia and Psychosis Research Group

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Group leader: Dr Rachel Upthegrove


This group collaborates on studies investigating the early course, outcomes and risk in schizophrenia and affective psychosis.

Our research group

The Schizophrenia and Psychosis group is a collaboration of Psychiatry, Psychology, Primary care and Neuroscience. This growing network is collaborating on biological, neuroimaging, social and phenomenological investigation of early psychosis and outcomes. 

Current Projects 

  • Subjective experience of Auditory Hallucinations
  • Immune Dysfunction in First Episode Psychosis
  • Post psychotic Depression
  • Outcomes after Early Intervention in First Episode Psychosis
  • Neurobiological Pathways to Suicidality in First Episode Psychosis
  • Self Harm and Suicide in young people and minority ethnic groups

Reserch Publications

  • Sandhu, A, Upthegrove R, Ives J, Birchwood M (2013) The subjective experience and phenomenology of depression following first episode psychosis: a qualitative study using photo-elicitation’ Journal of Affective Disorders. In press 
  • Upthegrove, R., Atulomah, O., Brunet, K. and Chawla, R. (2012) Cultural and social influences of negative illness appraisals in first-episode psychosis. Early Intervention in Psychiatry 5(10):1751-7893 
  • Brunet, K., Birchwood, M., Upthegrove, R., Michail, M. and Ross, K. (2012) A prospective study of PTSD following recovery from first-episode psychosis: The threat from persecutors, voices, and patient hood. British Journal of Clinical Psychology 51(4):418-433 
  • Upthegrove R, Birchwood M , Ross K. Brunett R. McCollum R, Jones L (2010) The evolution of depression and suicidality in first episode psychosis; Acta Psych Scandinavica 122:3, 211-218 
  • Upthegrove R, (2009) The Importance of Depression in Schizophrenia and Early Psychosis: practical implications for assessment and treatment. Advances in Psychiatric Treatment


Principal Investigators
Dr Rachel Upthegrove 
Dr Lisa Jones

Honorary Staff
Professor Femi Oyebode - University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust, UK

Internal Collaborators
Professor Nick Barnes - School of Clinical and Experimental, College of Medical and Dental Sciences
Professor Stephen Wood - School of Psychology, College of Life and Environmental Sciences
Dr Jonathan Ives - School of Health and Population Sciences, College of Medical and Dental Sciences