Early Christian writers and the text of the New Testament

  • The Seventh Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament
  • 28-31 March 2011
  • John Kydd Room, Graduate Institute for Theology and Religion, Elmfield House, University of Birmingham

Draft programme

Monday 28th March 2011


7.30 pm: Dr Hugh Houghton

Classifying Biblical Citations as Evidence for the New Testament Text


8.00 pm Prof. Ulrich Schmid

Marcion and the textual history of Romans : Early editions of New Testament writings and corpora


Followed by a drinks reception


Tuesday 29th March


9.15 am Dr Jeff Kloha

The NT Text of Nicetas of Remesiana (with special reference to Luke 1:46)


9.45 am Prof. Claire Clivaz

The Same Words, but not the Same Readings: Early Christian Readings of Lk 22,43-44


10.30 am Coffee

11.00 am Dr Tommy Wasserman

The Son of God was in the Beginning (Mark 1:1)


11.30 am Gary Pence

Citations of St. John's Gospel in the writings of Basil of Caesarea


12 noon Dan Batovici

Eriugena's Greek variant readings of the Fourth Gospel


12.30 pm Lunch


1.15 pm: Coach departs for excursion to Lichfield Cathedral (including a tour of the library and visit to the Bible exhibition; there will also be time to attend evensong or explore the city; supper (not included in the price) will be at the Hedgehog Inn


10.00pm: Coach returns to Woodbrooke.




Wednesday 30th March


9.15 am Dr Dirk Jongkind

The Relevance of the "Early Byzantine Glossary" of Paul for the Textual Criticism of the

Corpus Paulinum

9.45 am Prof. Pier Franco Beatrice

Heracleon's Hypomnemata as a Source for the Apostolic Writings of his Time


10.30 am Coffee

11.00 am Dr Claudia Greco

Νόθοι κόσμοιο πολῖται: Jesus' Prayer for His Disciples in Nonnus' Paraphrasis (P 25-62~Jo. 17. 9-19)


11.30 am Michael A. Clark

Nicetas of Heraclea's Catenae of John: Preliminary Considerations


12 noon Krista Whittenburg

Pelagius' Text of 1 Corinthians


12.30 pm Lunch


1.45 pm Prof Bill Warren A new commentary on the exegetical value of textual variants


2.00 pm Timothy Sailors

Tatian's Diatessaron as a Witness to the Text of its Sources


2.30 pm Dr Wim Hendriks

Mark 6:3 : Is not this the Carpenter?


3.15 pm Tea

3.30 pm Dr Amy Donaldson

Patristic References to New Testament Variants: Their Value and Limitations


4.00 pm Concluding round table

4.30 pm Break

7.00 pm: Optional Conference Dinner (University Staff House), with a presentation on the

Staffordshire Hoard.