Jurisprudence: research impact

Photo of books in the University of Birmingham libraryWe present our research in Jurisprudence at conferences throughout the world, publish widely, and have advised a range of policy makers. Below is a list of some of the recent activity which has attracted funding in this area.

Dr Veronica Rodgriguez-Blanco:

  • Fernand Braudel Senior Research Fellowship 2012 (January to April) at the European University Institute, Florence.
  • Saint-Ignatius Centre Research Fellowship (2011), University of Antwerp. Alexander Von Humboldt Research Fellowship (2004-5) at Heidelberg University and 2010 at the University of Kiel, Germany. British Academy Conference Grants.
  • Cambridge Overseas Trust Scholarship(1996-1999). British Council-Fundayacucho Scholarship (1996-1999).

Professor Marie Fox has been involved in research projects funded by the AHRC, the European Commission and the Wellcome Trust.

Dr Rosie Harding has been the recipient of the following research grants:

  • AHRC International Research Networking Grant ‘ReValuing Care: Perspectives from Gender, Sexuality and Law’ £44,808.72 (at 100% FEC). Principal Investigator: Rosie Harding, Co-I: Ruth Fletcher (Keele), International partner: Professor Christine Beasley, University of Adelaide, Australia. (March 2012 – March 2014, AH/J008516/1).
  • British Academy Small Research Grant for pilot study ‘Duties to Care:A socio- legal exploration of caring for people with dementia’ PI, £7,391 (1 Sep 2010– 29 Feb 2012, SG-1000017).
  • ESRC ‘International Training and Networking Activities for Early Career Scholars’ Scheme grant: “CentreLGS PECANS International Workshops and Network Development Programme” PI, £39,978.40 (fEC) (1 Oct 2009 – 30 Sept 2011, RES-810-21-0021).