Key publications in Jurisprudence

Picture of a student standing in front of the University of Birmingham and Law School ArchesBelow is a list of some of the key publications from the Jurisprudence cluster

Professor Sean Coyle:

  • Dimensions of Politics and English Jurisprudence (Cambridge University Press, 2013) [forthcoming]
  • From Positivism to Idealism (Ashgate, 2007)

James Lee:

  • “Fidelity in interpretation: Lord Hoffmann and the Adventure of the Empty House” (2008) 28 Legal Studies 1-19
  • “MacCormick’s Jurisprudence Determined” (2010) 1 Jurisprudence 105-119.
  • “‘Inconsiderate Alterations in our Laws’: Legislative Reversal of Supreme Court Decisions” in J. Lee (ed.), From House of Lords to Supreme Court: Judges, Jurists and the Process of Judging (Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2011)
  • “A Civil Law for the Age of Statutes” in J Steele and TT Arvind (eds), Tort Law and the Legislature: Common law, statute, and the dynamics of legal change (Hart Publishing, 2012).

Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco:

  • “If You Cannot Help Being Committed to It, Then It Exists: A Defence of Robust Realism in Law”. In: Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, published online via advanced access ( early/recent), 28th September, 2012.
  • “Does Kelsen’s notion of legal normativity rest on a mistake?” . In: Law and Philosophy ( June 2012, online first articles Springer).
  • “Social and Justified Normativity: Unlocking the Mystery of the Relationship”. In: Ratio Juris, Vol. 25, issue 3, 2012, pp. 409-433.
  • “Objectivity in Law” . In: Philosophy Compass (Blackwell), Vol. 5, issue 3, , pp. 240-249, eISBN: 9780631233176, 2010.
  • “From Shared Agency to the Normativity of Law”. In: 28 Law and Philosophy (2009), pp.59-100.