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  • New MSc Bioinformatics - September 2017
    Centre for Computational Biology
    College of Medical and Dental Sciences & College and Life and Environmental Sciences 
    The MSc Bioinformatics is composed of five taught modules, one group project, and one independent project. The taught modules provide foundational knowledge and skills in statistics, computer programming, and molecular biology, and then exploits this skillset to help to understand and participate in the ongoing revolution in biological data science.
    Course Details

  • Research Data Services Drop-In session

    The drop-in session as part of Love Your Data week caters for all researchers who are interested in learning more about.
    - How to register for the free space ( up to 3TB ) for the BEAR research data store ( working data sets )
    - How to register for the BEAR DataShare service, a drop box type service to share your data with your collaborators.
    - Best practice in planning for research data management
    - Managing sensitive and personal data safely

    Where : Westmere is located next to Winterbourne House on Edgbaston Park Road (G15 on the campus map
    Date : 15 Feb 2017
    Time : 2pm – 4pm 
    If more information is required then please contact

  • MRC Integrated Midlands Partnership for Biomedical Training (IMPACT)
    The Integrative Midlands Partnership for Biomedical Training (IMPACT) is a MRC-funded doctoral training partnership delivers innovative, world-class research training across the Medical Sciences in the three themes of imaging, complex disease and Precision Medicine.
    Further information and eligability criteria

  • Research Software Management, Sharing and Sustainability Workshops
    University of Birmingham date - 9th January - Centre for Computational Biology. 
    Jisc, in collaboration with SSI, University of Cambridge, University of Sheffield, University of Bath, University of Leicester, University of Birmingham, the British Library and STFC are inviting all researchers interested and passionate about developing or using research software to join a workshop on this subject.
    For more information and to register

  • The Seventh BEAR PGR Conference 2016
    The 7th Annual BEAR PGR Conference will take place on Wednesday 14th December 2016  (09:30-17:30).
    This event is an exciting opportunity for post-graduate students and early-career researchers to exhibit their computational work to academics, industry professionals, and their peers. Keynote speakers from industry and academia will describe their experiences of using numerical modelling in their respective fields. Registration is free and open to all!

    REGISTER HERE for the Seventh BEAR PGR Conference 2016

    For more information contact:

  • How can we better understand the inter-relation between environment and maternal and child health? 
    The University of Birmingham and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are now seeking to appoint a top postdoctoral researcher to address this major global challenge. 
    Prof Cazier speaks about the Population Dynamics in Women’s Heath BRIDGE Fellowship

CCB News 2016

  • BEAR Training
    Research Support (IT Services) will be running their BEAR training again in October.

    BEAR Introduction to Linux Training - October 25th - 9.30 - 1.00

    BEAR Necessities Training - October 27th - 9.30 - 1.00 

    For more information and to register please see the BEAR Training website.

  • The BEAR PGR Conference needs an organising committee!

    It is already the time of year to commit to new BIG plans, namely in the organisation of the 7th BEAR PGR conference. This annual event is organised by the PGR students for the PGR students to share their experience of the Birmingham Environment for Academic Research. It combines talks/posters from PGR students with external speakers from prestigious companies such as IBM and  Jaguar Land Rover.

    This year will be special as the University has heavily invested in BEAR to support Academic Research. 

    We are therefore looking for students from across the campus, from CFD and Physics to *Omics or Theology keen to share their experience of HPC and numerical modelling, and facilitate in the dissemination of their research. This is a unique opportunity to take part in the organisation of a conference which will involve a mixture of Industry and Academia.
    If you are interested in making a positive contribution to the Conference, please register your interest with Dominic Flynn (, the Conference Executive Organiser.

  • UoB BEAR how-to videos
    UoB Research support (IT Services) have a number of BEAR how-to videos on their youtube channel and have just released a few videos on Ansys Fluent.

  • BEAR User Forum Thursday 7th July
    The BEAR User Forum will take place on Thursday 7th July, at 10.00 am in, Centre for Computational Biology (CCB).
    The Forum is an opportunity for BlueBEAR users to receive advance notice of future upgrades and alterations to the service as well as giving the opportunity to give feedback to IT Services in the Q&A session.
    The Forum also gives the leaders of the special interest groups (CFD, FEA and Matlab) the opportunity to outline their vision for the forthcoming year and also for the users of the special interest groups to convene in an informal environment.

  • CCB Supporting Research to Combat ObesityInnovate UK have awarded a £228k grant to Fitnessgene to facilitate research looking at both genetic and lifestyle data to provide unique tailored fitness programmes and produce scientifically designed, actionable health and lifestyle recommendations. 

    Prof Jean-Baptiste Cazier and the CCB will be supporting this research by providing bioinformatics expertise.

    ... to read more
    More about Fitnessgene

CCB News 2015

  • PoreCamp 2015 14th December - 18th December 2015
    PoreCamp is a training bootcamp based around Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencing. It is a unique opportunity to learn about this exciting new sequencing platform from some of the leading experts in the field.

    PoreCamp will be entirely hands-on and the relatively high cost of entry reflects the costs of running the course; participants will gain practical experience of sequence library preparation, operation of the MinION and small group interactive bioinformatics teaching.

    Organisers / Chief Instructors
    Nick Loman, Institute of Microbiology and Infection, University of Birmingham
    Matt Loose, DeepSeq, University of Nottingham
    Mick Watson, Edinburgh Genomics, The Roslin Institute
    Josh Quick, University of Birmingham

    Limited places.
    Bursaries available.


  • BlueBEAR and Galaxy Introduction and Workshops - further dates

    CCB will be offering further dates for the BlueBEAR and Galaxy Introduction and Workshops.
    BlueBEAR and Galaxy Introduction Seminar Friday 4th September at 10.00am in the CCB Large Meeting Room, Haworth Building. 

    Please email to register to attend

    Upcoming workshops:
    10 September 2015 (half day) – Introduction to remote command line Linux (for BlueBear users). Currently full - future dates to be confirmed - register your interest!
    23 September 2015 (half day) - BEAR Necessities (BlueBear job submissions and data transfer).  Currently full - future dates to be confirmed - register your interest!
    9th October 2015 at 10.00am  (half day) – RNA-Seq data analysis using Galaxy
    For more information and to register please email
    Workshop Flyer

  • BlueBear and Galaxy Introduction and Workshops
    CCB will be presenting a BlueBear and Galaxy Introduction Seminar on Friday the 24th July at 10.00 am in the CCB Large Meeting Room, Haworth Building. 

    The seminar is for those who are interested in using Galaxy when working with large data sets (e.g. Next Generation Sequencing). Galaxy is the open source platform for data intensive biomedical research and/or BlueBear.  BlueBear is the Birmingham Environment for Academic Research (BEAR) and a collection of IT resources managed by IT Services .

    The seminar will provide a user's guide to accessing BlueBear Applications using Linux command line with instructions on registration for a BlueBear account and how to submit jobs to BlueBear. This will be followed by a brief introduction to Galaxy, the workflow environment and its advantages for life science researchers working with large data sets or a protracted data analysis pipeline. Finally, an overview of the metabolomics pipeline in the Galaxy environment will be provided.

    Upcoming workshops:
    10 September 2015 (half day) – Introduction to remote command line Linux (for BlueBear users)
    23 September 2015 (half day) - BEAR Necessities (BlueBear job submissions and data transfer)
    30 September 2015 (half day) – RNA-Seq data analysis using Galaxy

    For more information and to register please email

  • CCB meeting and teaching room is looking amazing
    The CCB meeting & teaching room is almost complete, we're just waiting on our new smartboards to be delivered. We are excited to  use the web-conferencing facilities! 

  • CCB Grand Opening 12th June 
    The 12th of June 2015 will be the Grand Opening of CCB. It will be an opportunity to hear from both University of Birmingham and external speakers, meet CCB staff and view our new teaching & meeting room and offices. 

  • CCB’s new teaching & meeting room is almost complete
    The builders have been very busy over the past few weeks completing the refurbishment of CCB’s new offices in the Haworth Building. CCB will soon have a new teaching & meeting room to accommodate teaching sessions and large meetings. The room is being fitted with a number of interactive smart-boards and web-conferencing facilities. The refurbishments have also included new carpet and paint throughout.Our upcoming CCB Launch will be an oppertunity for us to show you through our new space!

CCB News 2014

  • July 2014, Launch of website

  • 30th June 2014, Jean-Baptiste Cazier is appointed as Chair of Computational Biology, and Director Designate of CCB

  • 30th June 2014, Launch of CCB with Prof Jon Frampton as Interim Director

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