Prof Jean-Baptiste Cazier: Chair of Bioinformatics, CCB Director

  Prof George Gkoutos: Chair of Clinical Bioinformatics

  Prof Ben Brown: Chair of Environmental Bioinformatics

  Prof Jon Frampton: CCB Director (Emeritus)

  Prof John Heath: Head of the Centre for Systems Biology 

  Dr Jan-Ulrich Kreft: Lecturer in Computational Biology

  Dr Peter Winn: Lecturer in Biosciences

  Dr Chris Yau: Reader in Cancer Computational Biology


  Dr Wayne Croft: Research Fellow - Bioinformatics (CCB and Moss Group)

  Dr Nathaniel Davies: Research Fellow - Bioinformatics (CCB and Moss Group)

  Dr Anshita Goel: Research Fellow - Bioinformatics

  Dr Albert Menezes: Bioinformatician (CCB and InHANSE)

  Dr Christopher Middleton: Research Fellow - Bioinformatics  (CCB and Bonifer Group)

  Dr Boris Noyvert: Research Fellow - Bioinformatics

  Dr Archana Sharma-Oates: Research Fellow - Bioinformatics  


  Mrs Jessica MylchreestCCB Administrator and PA to Prof Jean-Baptiste Cazier 
  Miss Katie Sheldon: MSc Bioinformatics Programme Administrator
  Mr Jaspal Shambi: Administrative Assistant

PhD Students

  Mr Edwin Aponte Angarita
  Mr Sam Benkwitz-Bedford
  Miss Lucy Oldacre-Bartley
  Miss Tugce Oruc
  Mr Peter Osborne
  Mr Greg Papatzikas
  Mr Luke Slater
  Miss Agata Stodolna
  Miss Kim Summers
  Mr John Williams
  Mr Shuangxi Xi

CCB Community


  Dr Rosemary Dyson: Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

  Dr Shan He: Lecturer in Computational Biology


  Dr Salam Assi: Postdoctural Researcher 

  Dr Sara Jabbari: Birmingham Fellow

  Dr Aditi Kanhere: Systems Science for Health Fellow

  Dr Lindsey Leach: Birmingham Fellow

  Dr Nick Loman: Independant Research Fellow (Funding MRC Fellowship)

  Dr Emily Richardson: Microbial Bioinformatician (funding BBSRC)

  Dr Ralf Weber: Research Fellow - Computational Metabolomics

PhD Students

  Miss Diaa Al-Raawi
  Ms Shabana Begum
  Mr Josh Quick: Bioinformatician and PhD Student (funding MIHR SRMRC)
  Ms Susan Wijesinghe
  Mr Albert Zhou