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Professor David Adams, Centre Director  "One of our key aims is to increase the interaction between patient groups and researchers as their input is invaluable and enhances our work"

Liver Focus newsletter: Research, clinial trials and stories:

  • Liver Focus Issue 5: (January 2015) Clinical trial participation by 19 year old Katharine, Hepatitis C drug breakthrough, PSC support, free events, Haemochromatosis support
  • Liver Focus Issue 4: A breakthrough for transplantation - livers are kept 'alive' outside the body
  • Liver Focus Issue 3: My husband died from fatty liver disease, now my son has it
  • Liver Focus Issue 2: Organ transplantation can change your life!
  • Liver Focus issue 1: A currrent clinical trial for treating NAFLD 

Liver Focus is produced twice a year by the Liver Patient and Public Involvement Panel.

Please click on the '2015 Future Events' tab below to view details of our forthcoming activities which you are invited you. 

Please click here to view detials of some of our past events. 

2015 Events

University of Birmingham Community Day, Sunday 6th September 2015: 10.30am-3pm

If you have children then this day is an absolute must!  It takes place on campus and there will be lots of signs directing you where to go.  Inflatables, bungee cords, science experiments, face painting, and much more will be on offer.  The liver stand is always one of the most popular so bring your little ones to see us and and take part in some real experiments!  (All completely safe of course).   Adults and parents, we also have some activities you can take part in!

PSC Support Day, Saturday 18th July 2015 

See 'PSC Annual Support Meetings' tab for full information. 

PSC Annual Support Meetings

PSC Support is a patient led support group for people suffering from the inflammatory liver disease primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC).

Support group meetings are hosted annually by the University of Birmingham with some of the world's leading researchers (who just happen to be based in Birmingham!) presenting and taking your questions.  In 2015 this event will take place on Saturday 18th July in the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.  If you wish to find out more or reserve your place and attend, please contact Martine Walmsley, Chair of PSC support, on  Dr Gideon Hirschfield will be one of the key speakers at this event.  Gideon was featured in the latest issue of Liver-Focus talking about his work and what inspires him, and one of his talks from the June 2014 PSC support meeting can be viewed below.  

At the 2014 meeting Prof David Adams, Dean of the University of Birmigham's Medical School,  updated on our current research including the trials portfolio established through the NIHR Birmingham Liver BRU. 

Birmingham are also a participating centre for the National PSC Genetics study.

The PSC Support newsletter has up-to-date information for all events and includes contact details.  

Research videos


This video is the perfect introduction to the liver, what it does, why you need it, and the diseases that can cause liver problems.  It also gives you a quick introduction to the work of our researchers.  If you are interested in finding out even more, then visit


This is a more indepth look at our work.  Researchers from the NIHR Birmingham Liver Biomedical Research Unit introduce you to their work with patients, clincial trials, and the basic laboratory science being undertaken. This is an insight into a world leading liver research facility.  If you want to find out more, email


Information on current and past current trials can be found in this short video which discusses (1) non-alcoho lic fatty liver disease, (2) the use of stem cells to repair liver damage, and (3) blocking Hepatitis C particles infecting a new liver after transplantation.

Clinical trials

The NIHR Birmingham Liver BRU undertake continual research into the causes of liver disease, and potential new drugs or treatments.

In April 2015, the results of a cinical trial looking into a possible treatment for NASH were presented to the world's press.  A plain-English summary of the findings of this study can be found here, together with contact details for further queries.  

If you would like to find out what clinical trials we are currently running, please email


Get involved - your views are important!

Our grateful thanks go to the Liver Patient and Public Involvement Panel for their valuable contribution to Liver Focus, and for their dedication to the Panel's activities.  If you would like to join the Panel, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. 

We know that your views and opinions can help us to develop a better research programme. Our Patient and Public Involvement panel is a small group of volunteers who come together twice a year to listen to presentations from doctors on the latest liver research and hear how current clinical trials are progressing. They also suggest future research plans, help review patient information sheets and help produce articles for Liver FOCUS. We greatly value their ideas, suggestions and opinions.  They also advise how we can best communicate our research findings to the public.

To find out more about this panel, and joining it, please complete this form:

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