Gynaecological Cancer Clinical Trials

Group Leads: Professor Sean Kehoe, Professor Ciaran Woodman

Professor Kehoe's interests are in gynaecological cancer clinical trials. He has a major interest in ovarian cancer and the understanding of malignant changes which occur during therapy. He has a main translational theme, involving methylation and genomic alterations due to therapeutic interventions. These changes may have predictive value in identifying patients with chemo-resistance to platin based treatments. Equally these finding may be applied to  facilitate stratification of patient care and also identify novel therapeutic targets. 

Current Projects

  • CHORUS – an MRC randomised trial on timing of surgery in advanced ovarian cancer.
  • ROSIP – a study on surgery and chemotherapy vs surgery in high grade serous peritoneal carcinoma.
  • Identifying epigenetic changes elicited by platin therapy in advanced ovarian cancer.
  • Referral of post-menopausal bleeding and diagnosis of suspected uterine cancer: Development of a data collection tool in order to develop a clinical prediction rule
  • Collaborative analysis of EORTC55971 and CHORUS studies
  • Collaborative work on obesity and gynaecological cancers and access to health care– with Dept of Psychology.

Recent Publications


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