Clinical Cardiovascular Science (CCS)

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Clinical Cardiovascular Science centres on research in cardiac pathology, and Birmingham has recently been recognised as the top research site in the world for work on atrial fibrillation (AF).

Our clinical research has defined the epidemiology of AF, the value of screening for the condition in primary care and the efficacy of anticoagulant therapy. The Birmingham Atrial Fibrillation Treatment of the Aged (BAFTA) trial has also established the value of oral anticoagulation for stroke prevention in the elderly and new clinical risk assessment scores for AF-associated stroke and bleeding have been developed and internationally implemented.

Recent recruitment has helped drive multi-centre randomised AF intervention trials such as Flec-SL and the ongoing EAST trial, and also brought new capability to study molecular mechanisms of heart disease. Pioneering studies have been validated using tissue from carefully phenotyped patient cohorts, and used to identify mechanisms underlying sudden death, control of right ventricular function and heart rate regulation, which have provided the basis for devising a controlled clinical trial (PreVENT ARVC).