Lung Injury and Fibrosis Treatment Research

The research centres around inflammatory lung diseases especially acute lung injury, interstitial lung disease and recently COPD. Dr Thickett has a basic science interest in the role of growth factors e.g. VEGF in lung epithelial repair as well as the relationship between infection and inflammation in acute lung injury / ILD. He has also developed an extensive interest in the functional importance of vitamin D deficiency in lung disease and the emerging role of T17/Tregs in acute and resolving inflammation.

There is collaborative work ongoing into the role of HSD-1 deficiency in acute lung injury.

Group members...

Dr David Thickett (group lead)
Reader in Respiratory Medicine

Dr V D’Souza

Dr S lax
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Jaimin Patel
Clinical Research Fellow

Dr Dhruv Parekh
Clinical Research Fellow

Dr Chris Bassford

Dr Rachel Dancer

Dr Alice Wood
Clinical Lecturer

Dr Liz Sapey