Public Health & Clinical Epidemiology

dental-bannerThis theme area in Birmingham has a long-standing track-record and focuses on:

  1. building the evidence-base to underpin policy developments on access to, provision of, and delivery of, oral healthcare at the primary care interface;
  2. assessment of the effectiveness of treatment modes within this setting; and
  3. broader public health implications of our epidemiological evidence-base.

In this research area, there is a strong focus on epidemiological oral health surveys of UK and international patient populations. This has helped identify disease trends and healthcare needs and thus strongly impacts upon healthcare policy and delivery. Importantly, our novel analyses have now identified significant relationships between oral and systemic diseases, including associations between periodontal diseases and cardiovascular disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

Performance of new technologies and dental materials

Performance of new technologies and dental materials within the real-world environment of dental practices is assessed by way of two well-established Practice-Based Research Networks, which are pioneering in this increasingly recognised field. This approach facilitates translational research and helps identify needs for future development of targeted dental technologies. Interrogation of large datasets on dental restorations placed within the NHS has also characterised restoration longevity and survival as well as determining the factors influencing their performance and resulted in recommendations for optimal future treatment approaches.