Tissue Injury & Regeneration


A major strand of research in this theme area is focussed upon unravelling some of the complex stress response pathways in periodontal inflammation at the molecular, cellular and clinical level. Our internationally-leading clinicians and researchers are exploring the mechanisms underpinning the pathogenesis of periodontitis through the study of interactions between oral bacteria, epithelial cells and those of the inflammatory-immune system and the inter-relationships between periodontal inflammation and other chronic inflammatory diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis and kidney disease) and the ageing immune system. The group also translates basic research into human application through clinical trials into novel diagnostic and host-modulating therapies and has two currently active spin out enterprises. This work is complemented by our world leading studies on implantology and peri-implantitis which ties together bith biological and physical sciences research.The funding for these areas is derived from research councils, NIHR, industry and the European Framework.

Our pioneering research on dental tissue regeneration is exploring the dentinogenic potentiality of stem / progenitor cells involved in regenerative events, the tissue niches for these cells and matrix-mediated cellular signalling processes. We are studying how the inflammatory response may impact on regeneration, the biological effects of ultrasound and the translation of our mechanistic knowledge of molecular and cellular events at the tissue level to develop novel clinical regenerative therapies using bioactive molecules and biomaterials.

Our oral cancer work draws upon interdisciplinary research in cell biology, epigenetics, biomedical imaging and the computational modelling of patho-physiological processes. Our aim is to develop novel evidence-based diagnosis tools for oral cancer, and identifying novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets for oral cancer.