Genome Biology

genome-biologyGenome Biology at Birmingham is represented by a range of research groups working on fundamental questions of genomic processes in development and in disease, covering replication, DNA repair, transcriptional regulation and epigenetics.

These underpinning research activities are motivated by the need for the understanding of underlying biological processes from rare diseases including congenital defects and other developmental disorders to multifactorial diseases such as development and aetiology of cancers. Besides application of next generation sequencing-based whole genome and transcriptome analyses, we develop enabling technologies such as high throughput validation tools including automated imaging and high resolution and large-scale functional assays.

We work in a range of models from mammalian ES, IPS and cancer lines to in vivo models in mouse, Xenopus, zebrafish and Drosophila. Currently, major investments are taking place into next generation sequencing/genomics and computational biology/bioinformatics resources to synergise with cross-college strengths in system biology and with one of the largest genetics centres of the UK.