Reproduction, Embryology & Paediatrics

This theme primarily addresses the health and disease processes that effect Women’s Health, mother’s wellbeing during pregnancy and children, with research spanning the breadth of laboratory based science (such as molecular biology) to translational research in the form of critical appraisal of the literature and interventional trials.

There are major collaborative links and research partnerships  with Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Foundation Trusts to ensure that all of this work has patient benefit and treatment advance at the heart of research.

In neonatal paediatrics, work focuses around neonatal gastrointestinal function (particularly necrotising enterocolitis), cardiology, the evaluation of intensive care and clinical trials (such as PULSEOX).

The research initiatives around Child Health, focus significantly around paediatric endocrinology (in collaboration with CEDAM), particularly type 2 diabetes in the young and inherited rare forms of the disease which can offer novel insights into pathogenesis. Funding of a EU collaboration ‘spearheaded’ through Birmingham has led to the establishment of  a international registry for Wolfram, Alstrom and Bardet Biedl syndromes. There is also major research surrounding adrenal steroid metabolism, obesity and thyroid dysfunction in children, as well as collaborations developing new lifestyle interventions. Paediatric clinic trials are focused within the Wellcome Paediatric Clinical Research Facility based at the Birmingham Children’s Foundation Trust.

There is a large portfolio of research into women’s health that spans gynaecological problems as well as health and pathology associated maternity. There is a body of basic science, laboratory based research within the IBR (maternal and fetal endocrinology with CEDAM) and in collaboration with the Schools of Cancer Sciences and Immunity, Infection and Inflammation (maternal and fetal immunology).  

There is also strong work around reproduction, with sperm and oocyte function and activity a focus of collaboration with the Assisted Conception Unit at Birmingham Women’s Foundation.

Collaborative working with BCTU has lead to the successful funding of a large number of NIHR supported, portfolio studies spanning areas of gynaecological disease, newborn health, intrapartum care, obstetric and fetal medicine