Primary Care and Clinical Research Trials Unit

Group Lead: David Fitzmaurice

The Primary Care Clinical Research & Trials Unit (PC-CRTU) has been conducting clinical trials since 1985 and has an excellent track record in designing, implementing, coordinating, monitoring, analysing and publishing trials. It is the largest and longest-running academic primary care facility in Europe for clinical trials in the community.

Our central facility expertly coordinates large and small community-based clinical trials. The PC-CRTU has strong links to West Midlands PCTs and Secondary Care Trusts. The PC-CRTU has developed excellent relationships with local networks of Primary Care Cancer, Mental Health, Medicine for Children, Stroke and the CLRN. We have access to more than 3500 GPs, in 985 practices, from 88 PCTs across England and Wales, an estimated patient population of over 5.4 million and approximately 40% of the total population of the West Midlands.

Research group members...