Test and Biomarker Evaluation

Group lead: Jon Deeks

This multidisciplinary research group was founded in 2006 by Jon Deeks.The research interests of the group focus on the development and investigation of methods for evaluating medical tests in healthcare, including both primary and secondary research.

The group focuses on the evaluation of medical tests and biomarkers. Major activities include undertaking methodological research aiming to identify and validate the best ways of designing, analysing and reporting studies evaluating medical tests used for diagnostic, prognostic, monitoring purposes. The scope of the group includes both methods for primary research, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and also includes the evaluation of predictive tests used for stratified medicine. Many of the methodology activities are linked to supporting primary research studies evaluating the accuracy and effectiveness of tests in clinical practice, currently underway in collaborations with clinical research groups and the trials units both in the College and with other UK based groups. The group has organised two international symposia on Methodology for Evaluating Medical Tests and Biomarkers hosted at the University of Birmingham.

This group is also the international base of the Cochrane Collaboration’s diagnostic test accuracy Reviews, which provides training and support in review methods for Cochrane Review Groups based in the UK. The Cochrane Library is recognised as the best resource for evidence on the effectiveness of health interventions, and has ambitions to publish similar reviews evaluating the accuracy of diagnostic tests.