Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Group lead: Jon Ayres 

This group exists within the Institute of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. The Institute develops and conducts research in occupational and environmental medicine, epidemiology, ergonomics, toxicology, hygiene, and other related disciplines. The work focuses on the effects of work on health, of health on work and identification and quantification of environmental factors on health.

This group has research interests in the following areas:

  • Environment and health
  • Interventional occupational health
  • Lung disease and occupation
  • Nanoparticles and health
  • Occupational cancer and chronic disease epidemiology
  • Occupational radiofrequency radiation

Research group members...

Professor Tom Sorahan
Dr Steven Sadhra
Dr Ian Litchfield
Dr Hubert Lam
Dr Om Kurmi
Dr Emmet McGrath
Professor Malcolm Braithwaite
Prof Sherwood Burge
Dr Martin Miller
Dr. Trudy L. Knight (IOEM)

PhD students – Alinia Tahere, Nuredin Mohammed, Arun Vellore

Members outside IOEM :
Professor Jamie Lead (Environmental Sciences)
Professor Kevin Chipman (Biosciences)
Dr. Juana Mari Saborit (Environmental Sciences)
Prof Roy Harrison (Environmental Sciences)
Professor Jon Preece (Chemistry)
Dr. Isaac Chang (Metallurgy and Materials)
Dr. Nik Hodges (Biosciences)
Dr. Josh Rappoport (Biosciences)
Dr. Mark Viant (Biosciences)

We have a strong collaboration with Prof Harrison’s group in GEES (CLES)