Primary Care and Hospital Settings

Research Group Lead: Dr Ian Litchfield

This group looks at service redesign and the environment in primary and secondary care settings.

Most service pathways will need to be redesigned to make the services offered to patients more responsive, accessible, and sustainable in human and financial terms. This group carries out research to assess the nature of the drivers for these changes, and the changes themselves, within different levels of the organisations.

The built environment is believed to have a significant impact on human perception and behaviour and buildings constitute a sizable proportion of health service expenditure. Modern hospital design explicitly aims to provide an environment that is psychologically supportive of the healing process whilst reducing risk of adverse events. In addition these environments should be supportive of staff and their ability to offer efficient and effective care. There is however little quality evidence of the effect of hospital design on the process and outcome of healthcare and this group is exploring the impact of design, physical environment and user interaction in a number of key areas including design; building performance; patient outcomes; staff health and well-being and productivity.

This work links closely to that conducted in the quality assurance and performance management group.

Research group members...

Dr Sheila Greenfield
Louise Bentham
Dr Om Kurmi
John Latto (non-staff Care-environment architect)
Tom Marshall
Ian Litchfield
Steven Sadhra
Hubert Lam
Clare Marken
Professor Richard Lilford