Obesity, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

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Obesity, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes research addresses the obesity epidemic, the consequences of which have been identified as a top UK research priority, with obesity soon to become the major cause of liver failure and cancer.

This research is drawn together through the multi-disciplinary Centre for Obesity Research. Defining the role of pre-receptor glucocorticoid metabolism in insulin resistance and obesity led us to identify mechanisms underpinning the adverse metabolic effects of glucocorticoids. We have demonstrated that idiopathic intracranial hypertension, a prevalent complication of obesity, is linked to glucocorticoid metabolism and can be ameliorated by weight loss. We are investigating diabetes complication including cardiac autonomic dysfunction and microvascular disease and their link to obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome. Our ethnically diverse, large population base has the highest incidence of obesity in the UK with up to 50% of children in some districts being obese, driving our research to target early onset obesity and type 2 diabetes in children. We have described a link between childhood weight and thyroid autoimmunity and maternal weight and obstetric outcomes.