Viral Immunology Group

Group leader: Dr Zania Stamataki


We are studying the complex role of lymphocytes in persistent infections, with a special focus on Hepatitis C infection and liver immunology.

Our research group

Antiviral Immunity / Immunology of the Liver

Hepatitis C virus develops persistence in most infected individuals yet 20% of patients spontaneously resolve the infection. The correlates of this resolution remain unclear. We are investigating anti-viral immunity with a focus on B and CD4+ T cell responses in the context of the liver. Access to patient cohorts and human blood and liver from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital enables detailed studies in humans and translational applications of the current research. 

Virus Transmission

It is challenging to culture patient-derived virus and the field is limited to the study of few rare isolates that can grow in the laboratory in category III containment level conditions. Our research explores virus transmission from cell to cell, particularly using lymphocytes as viral vehicles for transmission to the liver.



Michelle Clare
Dominik Niesen
Sudha Purswani
Stephanie Lombard