The ICECAP Supportive Care Measure (ICECAP-SCM) has been developed as a tool for use in economic evaluation conducted in an end of life setting. The descriptive measure covers the attributes of:

  • Autonomy (Having your say – your ability to influence where you would like to live or be cared for, the kind of treatment you receive, the people who care for you);
  • Love (Being with people who care about you – being with family, friends or caring professionals);
  • Physical Suffering (Physical Suffering - experiencing pain or physical discomfort which interferes with your daily activities);
  • Emotional Suffering (Emotional suffering - experiencing worry or distress, feeling like a burden);
  • Dignity (Dignity - being yourself, being clean, having privacy, being treated with respect, having your religious or spiritual beliefs respected);
  • Support (Being supported – having help and support);
  • Preparation (Being prepared – having financial affairs in order, having your funeral planned, saying goodbye to family and friends, resolving things that are important to you, having treatment preferences in writing or making a living will).

The levels for each attribute are expressed in terms of capabilities. As part of the European Research Council funded project, EconEndLife, the measure is currently undergoing assessments of validity; if you might be interested in using the measure or contributing to this work, please contact us to discuss further.

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For more details about the EconEndLife project, being conducted by researchers at the University of Birmingham, click here