Evaluation of End of Life Care (EconEndLife) Project

Evaluation of End of Life Care (EconEndLife) is a European Research Council funded project, being led by researchers in the Health Economics Unit at the University of Birmingham. Work on this four year project started in April 2011.

The project involves six stages of work:

(1) defining the 'end of life' period using semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders;

(2) assessing the construct validity and sensitivity to change of a descriptive system for evaluating capabilities related to end of life care;

(3) eliciting values for this descriptive system from the general public and patients at the end of life using the best-worst scaling technique;

(4) developing a descriptive system to evaluate the impact on families' capabilities of end of life care, using in-depth interviews to develop conceptual attributes;

(5) conducting exploratory theoretical and methodological work on weighting across measures; and

(6) exploring views of the public and key stakeholders about appropriate decision-rules for end of life care, using a combination of focus groups and in-depth interviews.

The project involves collaboration with Marie Curie Cancer Care and researchers at the University of Technology, Sydney.

One year into the project, the first Advisory Group Meeting was held in Birmingham on 12th May.



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