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Female 55, Quality of Life study "...he was still very much living ... he was in a lot of pain at times but he could still do things."

Measures of wellbeing for use in economic evaluation...

The measures are conceptually linked to Amartya Sen's capability approach which defines wellbeing in terms of an individual's ability to 'do' and 'be' the things that are important in life.

The four measures are:

- ICECAP-A: a measure of capability for the adult population (under development)

- ICECAP-O: a measure of capability for older people 

- CES: (Carer Experience Scale): a measure of care-related wellbeing

- ICECAP-SCM: a measure of capability for use in the end of life care (under development). Download Appendix 1 (Palliative Medicine paper, 2013)