Ethics relating to Parenting, Families and Children

Members of MESH have longstanding interests in the ethics of parenthood, parenting and reproduction. Our interests in this area mostly relate to normative questions around how the rights and responsibilities of parents are characterised and justified at various stages of one’s ‘parental life’, be that prior to, during or after birth, or post family separation. 

Previous projects

  • On gametes and guidelines: A symposium for exploring the use of interdisciplinary and empirical bioethics to inform the regulation of reproductive technologies, 2014
  • The Moral Habitus of fatherhood: a study of how men negotiate the moral demands of becoming a father–  2010-12
  • AHRC Research Network Post-separation families and shared residence: setting the interdisciplinary research agenda for the future 2010 -12
  • The ethical allocation of gametes donated for the purpose offertilitytreatment 2010-2013
  • Wellcome Biomedical Ethics Studentship Becoming a father/refusing fatherhood: how paternal responsibilities and rights are generated 2004-07