University of Birmingham:

College of Medical and Dental Sciences

School of Health and Population Sciences:

Department of Nursing and Physiotherapy

Public Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Primary Care Clinical Sciences

  • Dr Heather Draper, Director, Centre for Biomedical Ethics, School of Health and Population Sciences
  • Dr Jonathan Ives, Lecturer, Centre for Biomedical Ethics
  • Dr Sheila Greenfield, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Sabi Redwood, Research Fellow in Medical Sociology
  • Dr. Lesley Roberts, Senior Lecturer, Primary Care Clinical Sciences
  • Dr Jonathan Reinarz, Director, Centre for the History of Medicine
  • Kanta Kumar, NIHR Doctoral Fellow
  • Cathy Shneerson – PhD Candidate
  • Rhona Alenka – PCCS, University of Birmingham
  • Susan Read – Research Nurse
  • Hannah Hall – Medical Student, University of Birmingham
  • Charmaine Meek, Research Physiotherapist

School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine

  • Dr Girish Dwivedi, Clinical lecturer in Cardiology
  • Dr Jeetesh Patel, Post Doctoral Fellow
  • Mr Sukhdev Singh, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Senior Lecturer, Department of Medical Science

School of Dentistry

  • Dr Kirsty Hill, Lecturer in Behavioural Science and Dental Public Health
College of Life and Environmental Sciences

School of Sport and Exercise Sciences

School of Psychology

  • Professor Peter Trower, Director of Professional Training, School of Psychology

Birmingham and Sollihull Mental Health Trust

  • Dr David Booth
College of Arts and Law

Birmingham Law School

Department of Education

  • Erica Lepnis, PhD Student

Medicine, Ethics, Society and History (MESH)

Department of Drama and Theatre Arts

  • Rose Whyman

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust:

  • Dr Andy Fox, Clinical Psychologist
  • Olivia Horgan, Physiotherapist
  • Joanna Barber, Volunteer music therapist
  • Jan R Oyebode
  • Director, Clinical Psychology Doctorate, University of Birmingham Consultant Clinical Psychologist (Older People)
  • Prof George Tadros, Consultant, Honorary Professor, Stafford University

Birmingham Children’s Hospital:

  • Becca Cooke, Transition Nurse Coordinator, Birmingham Children’s Hospital
  • Dr Janet E McDonagh, Clinical Senior Lecturer in Paediatric and Adolescent Rheumatology, Institute of Child Health, University of Birmingham & Birmingham Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Rev Paul Nash, Senior Chaplain, Birmingham Children's Hospital
  • Ms Julie Reed, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Team Leader for Paediatric Psychology
  • Amy Hargreaves – Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust
  • Analisa Smythe – Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust
  • Debra Leigh – Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust

Other Organisations:

  • Dr Rhonda Lee, Vice President/Director Integrated Medicine, Freshwinds 
  • Thomas Kingstone, Research Associate, Freshwinds. 
  • Tina Sexty, Nutritional Therapist 
  • Dr Roberta Bivins, Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Warwick 
  • Prof George Lewith, University of Southampton 
  • Jennifer Barnes, Programme Manager FdSc Complementary Medicine, School of Law, Justice and Community Studies, Blackburn College 
  • Angela Carryer – Staffordshire University 
  • Ann Goddard – Worcester Health & Care NHS Trust 
  • Richard Hawkins - Bangor University
  • Anne Lloyd – SureSearch 
  • Helen Jameson – Light for Health Ltd 
  • Indu Ravindranath – Birmingham East & North PCT 
  • Merlin Young – Moxafrica 
  • Michelle Crosbie – University of Wolverhampton 
  • Polly Wright – HEARTH 
  • Pankaj Smith – Freshwinds 
  • Sally Nash – Youth St John’s Ambulance, Nottingham 
  • Sandra Tigwell – The College of Chiropractors 
  • Stephen Jeffreys – SureSearch 
  • Tony Devaney – SureSearch (patient group) 
  • Mike Weisand - GP, Birmingham
  • Denise Visconte, Complementary Medicine Research Unit, Southampton University 
  • Elaine Malkin, User/practitioner 
  • Mohammed Zaman – SureSearch 
  • Sarah Finberg - Medical Herbalist 
  • Sue Savage - Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Trust