RSS West Midlands Local Group & Midland Hub for Trials Methodology Research (MHTMR) Seminar

Learning Centre UG06
Medical and Dental Sciences
Thursday 6th February 2014 (16:00-17:00)
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‘Feasibility/Pilot Studies in the Design, Conduct and Evaluation of Complex Interventions’

Abstract: The Medical Research Council’s guidance document on complex interventions emphasises the importance of thorough groundwork in designing and evaluating complex interventions. However several studies have shown that there is a dearth of pilot studies in the literature that state they are specifically in preparation for a randomised controlled trial, and that give a clear list of key objectives relating to the pilot phase. This talk will provide an overview of the use of feasibility and pilot studies in the literature, consider statistical issues in the study design, and provide useful examples and references.

Dr Gillian Lancaster
Lancaster University

There will be pre seminar refreshments available in the foyer at 3.30pm