MRC Hub Network websites

MRC Hub Network websites -

The Network of Hubs for Trials Methodology Research is overseen by a Network Executive consisting of the eight Hub Directors, the Network Coordinator, and the MRC Methodology Theme Leader. The Network Executive meets three times each year to discuss Network activities and priorities.

The eight Hubs are as follows:

  • London

(led by Professor Max Parmar, MRC Clinical Trials Unit): Methods expertise - statistical methodology, trial conduct and meta-analysis. Clinical expertise - cancer, HIV and musculo-skeletal disease.

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  • Oxford

(led by Professor Rory Collins, MRC/CRUK/BHF Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit): Methods expertise - trial design and conduct, and meta-analysis; use of IT in trial studies. Clinical expertise - cardiovascular disease and cancer.

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  • Cambridge

(led by Dr Adrian Mander, MRC Biostatistics Unit); Methods expertise - statistical methodology, trial design, meta-analysis & cost-effectiveness analyses. Clinical expertise - psychiatry and mental health; rheumatology; cardiothoracic and vascular medicine. Applied projects include clinical trials in Cancer, Nutrition, GP Unit and Psychiatry.

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  • North-west

(led by Professor Paula Williamson, University of Liverpool): Methods expertise - design and analysis of early phase trials, design and analysis of late phase trials and patients’ perspectives in trials. Clinical expertise - drug safety, medicines for children, epilepsy and cancer.

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  • Scotland

(led by Professor Gordon Murray, University of Edinburgh): Methods expertise – trial design and analysis, systematic appraisals and synthesis of individual patient data, simulation. Clinical expertise - clinical neuroscience and mental health, rheumatology, primary care and translational/experimental medicine.

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  • South-west

(led by Professor Jane Blazeby, University of Bristol): Methods expertise - statistical methodology; the design and conduct of challenging, difficult-to-do trials; integrating qualitative research methods into trials; health economics; quality of life research and evidence synthesis. Clinical expertise in complex and challenging trials across a range of disease areas.

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  • All Ireland

(led by Professor Mike Clarke): Methods expertise -systematic reviews and evidence synthesis.  The conduct of health care research and the relevance of results.

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  • Midlands

(led by Professor Lucinda Billingham, University of Birmingham): Methods expertise – biomarker discovery and evaluation, quality of life and health economic assessment, Bayesian methods, user engagement, systematic reviews. Clinical expertise – cancer, neurodegenerative disease, maternity and women’s health, medical devices and surgery, paediatrics, cardiovascular, hepatology, experimental medicine and primary care.

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