Reliable Conclusions

Workstream 3a - Early Phase clinical trial design and analysis

Lead researcher/s:
Professor Lucinda Billingham  and Dr Christina Yap 

This workstream addresses the design, implementation and analysis of outcome measures in both Phase I and II and seamless Phase I/II trials. Our main interests lie in dose finding by Continual Reassessment Method and its variations in Phase I trials, randomised Phase II trials (particularly Bayesian trials and screening trials, e.g Screened Selection Design) and combined Phase I/II trial.

Workstream 3b Evaluation of complex interventions (particularly RT)

Lead researcher:
Professor Lucinda Billingham

Workstream 3c - Trials in rare diseases / paediatrics

Lead researcher: Professor Keith Wheatley

Workstream 3d - Methods to ensure reliable conclusions from analysis of time-to-event data

Lead researcher: Dr Deborah Stocken