Systematic Reviews

Workstream 6a - Systematic reviews of biomarkers

Lead researcher: Dr Richard Riley 

There is large interest in using biomarkers to inform clinical decisions, and to inform the design and analysis of clinical trials. Prognostic biomarkers help identify groups of patients with different outcome risks, whilst predictive biomarkers help identify individuals most likely to respond to specific treatments. They can be used in trials to select relevant patients, to inform the randomisation strategy, to adjust for baseline imbalance and increase power, and to identify relevant subgroups of interest. It is thus important for the application of biomarkers to be informed by evidence-based research. This workstream aims to facilitate and improve methods for systematic review and meta-analysis of prognostic/predictive biomarker research.

Workstream 6b - Decision Modelling

Lead researcher: Dr Pelham Barton

This workstream addresses the use of decision analytic modelling in the design of trials, considering such questions as how trials should be designed to produce appropriate inputs for models, and how models should be designed to accommodate the results of well designed trials.