We are currently recruiting at  Birmingham Women's Hospital and Birmingham Heartlands Hospital.  We are aiming to recruit in Birmingham City Hospital by January 2009.




Via the project we aim to produce papers in relation to the following titles;

  • Determinants of pregnancy outcomes

    Parental risk factor profiles of pregnancy outcomes

    The correlation between amnionicity, chorionicity and zygosity.
  • Growth

    Comparison between postnatal and antenatal growth up to 6 months.

    Relationship of maternal nutritional status and postnatal growth up to 6 months.

    Meta-analysis on the heritability of growth.

    The heritability of growth.
  • Depression

    Comparison between antenatal and postnatal depression up to 6 months.

    Comparison between antenatal depression and pregnancy outcomes.

    Comparison between maternal depression and child development.
  • Heritability of early development

    The heritability of early behaviour development
  • Determinants of early development

    Relationship between parental characteristics and early development.

    Relationship between pregnancy outcomes and early development.